The concrete edging is produced via a machine that extrudes the concrete through one of five slip forms available. A ram driven extruder compresses the concrete to a 3,000 psi compression strength, the highest rated landscape curb on the market, and 490 psi flexural strength. We tool control joints every 3 to 4 feet on center to accomodate expansion and contraction of Colorado’s soils. Our curves are free-formed and can make a radius as small as 36”.

Push lawn mowers, along with industrial riding lawn mowers, are able to ride on the curb causing no damage. We believe in the strength and durability of this product. We stand behind our work with a 1-year warranty against any defects.

We use only the highest quality materials: Portland type II, concrete sand and  genuine harbourite 320 half-inch polypropylene fibers (www.fibermesh.com) all poured over a compacted road base.

For curbing used in areas other than typical residential landscaping, we offer #3 rebar, cable and aggregate enhanced mixes. We typically use these options in commercial applications such as: parks, golf courses, parking lots, along driveways, etc. We can assist you in determining if these options are necessary.

Family Owned and Operated Since 1996
Dacono, Colorado